Invited Speakers

We have an excellent scientific program coming together for ACS 2022, featuring outstanding speakers who have accepted their invitation to present at this year’s meeting. Invited Keynote & Plenary speakers are:

Prof Paul Wallace – KEYNOTE
• A/Prof Connie Wong
Prof David A. Weitz
• Dr Virginia Litwin
Dr Betsy Ohlsson-Wilhelm
Dr Simone Minnie

Other invited speakers include:
Prof Allison Pettit (Research Cytometry)
• Prof Cameron Turtle (Clinical Cytometry)
• Dr Cheryl Hutchins (Clinical Cytometry)
Dr Katherine Cummins (Clinical Cytometry)
• Dr Julie Curtin (Clinical Cytometry)
• Dr Kirsten Ward-Hartstonge (Research Cytometry)
Prof Menno van Zelm (Research Cytometry)
Dr Mohamed Fareh (Research Cytometry)
• Dr Fumihito Noguchi (Research Cytometry) 
Michelle Petrasich (Clinical Cytometry)
Dr Kieran Mulroney (Research Cytometry)
• Dr Mary Sartor (Clinical Workshop)
• Susan Wright (Clinical Workshop)
• A/Prof Luciano Martelotto (Research Cytometry)
• Fernando Estepa (Clinical Cytometry)
• Suat Dervish (Broad Appeal Workshop)
Dr Wenyan Li (Research Workshop)
Sajad Razavi Bazaz (Research Workshop)
Dr Thomas Ashhurst (Research Workshop)
Dr Felix Marsh-Wakefield (Research Workshop)
Avrill Aspland (Broad Appeal Workshop)
Dr Alexis Gonzalez (Research Workshop)
• A/Prof Anna Belkina (Workshop and Research Cytometry)

More details to follow in follow up newsletters about special featured sessions and workshops…..