ACS 2023 Conference Queenstown

27-30 August

27th August: Workshops
28-30 August: ACS Conference

We’re excited to be hosting the ACS annual meeting in Queenstown, New Zealand this year and look forward to welcoming you to this excellent destination. The conference will be held at the beautiful Heritage. More information to come.


We look forward to welcoming our supportive sponsors. If you would like to know more, and receive a prospectus, please reach out to contact@cytometry.org.au

Australasian Cytometry Society

The Australasian Cytometry Society began in May 1979 as a group of seven people in Sydney who shared an interest in microfluorimetry. The following year the group broadened its scope to become the “flow cytometry organisation” and held a larger meeting in Adelaide. In 1984 (again at a meeting in Adelaide), the group adopted the prefix “Australasian” to reflect the equal participation of both Australian and New Zealander delegates. The group incorporated in 1992 under the name “Australasian Flow Cytometry Group” (AFCG) as a scientific and educational organisation whose purpose is to promote research, development and applications in, and to disseminate knowledge of, flow cytometry – a mission it still maintains today.

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