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Michelle Petrasich

Scientific Leader
Auckland City hospital

Michelle Petrasich has been the Scientific leader of the Immunophenotyping and Transplantation section at Auckland City hospital since 1999. The laboratory offers diagnostic immunophenotyping and residual disease testing, investigation of immune disorders, and transplantation studies.

MRD testing is a special area of interest, and the section holds COG Accreditation for the B-ALL testing program, is a member of UK MRC AML19 MRD program for acute myeloid leukaemia, and performs Euroflow Myeloma MRD testing for clinical trials. Transplantation testing is part of the FACT accredited adult and paediatric Transplantation service for Auckland City Hospital, and the section performs memory naïve T assessment for the National SCIDs screening program. 

Michelle is passionate about flow cytometry and developing new assays in response to clinical need. She is involved in flow cytometry education and is an IANZ accreditation assessor.