Abstract submissions will close on 14 June 2023.

General Guidelines

You are invited to submit informative and relevant abstracts in a Word document using the approved template and following all guidelines below: 

  • All abstracts must be original work, submission acknowledges consent to publication of the abstract in the Conference app. 
  • The presenting author must be listed as an author on the abstract during submission. If for any reason the nominated presenting author cannot attend, a replacement author can give the presentation but the replacement presenter must have been listed as an author during the original abstract submission. If no named authors are available to give the presentation, the abstract must be withdrawn. 
  • The presenting author will be required to register and pay for the Conference in order to ensure their abstract(s) is included in the final program. Failure to register will result in withdrawal of the oral or poster presentation. 
  • If your abstract has been previously presented, please ensure you disclose where / when your material was presented or published during submission. 

Abstract Format 

Your abstract must be prepared using this template. Please download this now and complete prior to starting your submission process. Please save the file using the first 5 words of your title as the file name, do not include any presenter or author’s names in the file name or abstract document. You will upload this document as part of your abstract submission. 

  • Tables and figures can be included but the abstract must be laid out as specified and must not exceed one page. 
  • Please only use standard abbreviations or define them in full. 
  • Please use Arial font, size 11pt. 
  • Please limit your abstract to 300 words (excluding titles and references) 
  • Paragraphs should be separated by an empty line, please do not indent the first line of a paragraph. 

Please note: 
Accuracy is the responsibility of the author, please ensure you have proof read your document carefully. 

  • While every effort will be made to ensure the reproduction of symbols, accuracy of symbols cannot be guaranteed in the reproduction. 

Abstract Title 

Please write the title in sentence case (capitalising only the first word and proper nouns), do not use quotation marks. 

Authors and Affiliations 

Do not include the author’s names in the body of the abstracts as the abstracts are subject to a blind review process. The names of all participating authors (including yourself) will be entered into the abstract submission form. Please do not include degrees or professional titles. 

Presenting Author Biography

Please enter up to 100 words in paragraph format, written in the third person on the presenting author and, where applicable, the co-presenter.

This short biography will accompany your abstract in the Conference app and will be given to the chairperson of your session for your introduction if selected for an oral presentation.

Abstract Text 

The Committee suggests that where applicable* the abstract should follow the format of Aim, Method, Result, Conclusion. 

* Abstracts such as case studies, reviews or reports are welcomed and do not need to follow the heading as outlined above. 

Abstract Theme 

During submission, you will need to nominate a theme most relevant for your submission. Your abstract will be reviewed in your nominated category, however, the Organisers reserve the right to move abstracts to different themes to best suit the programme.  

The themes are: 

  • Clinical
  • Research
  • General 

Conflict of Interest Statement 

If the research described in the abstract was supported by a commercial company you must indicate the company’s role in analysing the data or preparing the abstract. You will be asked to supply the following statement during the submission process: 

“No conflict of interest to disclose”. 

“This research was supported by __________. The company had no role in analysing the data or preparing the abstract.” 

“This research was supported by __________. The company insert free text describing company role in data analysis or abstract preparation.” 

This conflict of interest statement is mandatory for all abstracts submitted and where there is a conflict, this will appear wherever the abstracts are published. For abstracts accepted as an oral presentation, please ensure you include a slide disclosing the conflict of interest within your presentation. 

Travel Award (Local, interstate, international)

  • You must submit an abstract for an oral presentation & you must complete the associated questions during abstract submission.
  • Brief overview detailing need for support
  • Agree to submit post conference report & photo to feature on ACS website
  • Only applicants whose submissions are granted an oral presentation will be eligible for consideration.

Early-Mid Career Cytometric (EMCC) Category

  • Do you identify as an early-mid career cytometrist? (i.e. working/studying/utilising cytometry for 8 years or less).
  • You must submit an abstract for an oral presentation.
  • With a wide lens definition we’d like to identify & celebrate upcoming talent in our diverse field, to feature especially in our conference program.
  • Abstracts will be selected to deliver a 10min plenary talk in the EMCC session on Wednesday morning with prizes up for grabs.


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